The purpose of this web site is to inform Quad City dart players of weekly and upcoming tournaments.     To recognize special achievements made by some of our local shooters.     And to display a photo or two of people playing darts and just having fun.     If you know of someone or something dart related that might be of interest to others or if you spot a mistake we've made send us an e-mail at and let us know.

Thanks,  Rick and Gemma
Winners from April 30th
Kevin  &  Snax
Friday Nite Tournament

May 14th

Mystery-Out pot is at:



May Birthdays:

   1st - Cowboy
   2nd - Shan McNeal
   6th - Jason Milburn
   9th - Steve Henning
  10th - Carla Yeast
  14th - Hammer
  18th - Toby Morelock
  21st - Chachi
  21st - Dane Hoyt
  22nd - Amber Cortez
  24th - Todd Tiffenback
  25th - Phil Wulf












Ray Terronez Interview.....

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This Week:
Last Updated:  May 10,  2021
Friday Night at Leisure Time Billiards, during the Blind Draw, we had a player "skip-out" on his partner.   This behavior will NOT be tolerated!  No player is more important than any other player!  Anyone who skips-out on their partner will pay a one-time $20 penalty. In addition, they will pay a $20 "damage deposit" along with the usual entry fee every time you sign up to play in the future (This applies only to the Leisure Time Friday Night Blind Draw).
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On 9/04/2020
hit the Mystery-Out worth $500
which he split with his partner Barry
(157 was the out drawn)
Little Cobra Interview.....

It is with great sadness that we have to announce the annual Stupid Juice Dart Tournament has been canceled for the year 2020 due to Covid-19 restrictions and concerns.
Our plan is to be back in 2021.
Please be safe everyone.