Brenda Milburn
Brittany Kline
Mark "Lil Cobra" Miller
3rd Place     Womens B Cricket Doubles
                      with:  Brittany Kline
3rd Place     Womens B Cricket Doubles
                      with:  Brenda Milburn
1st Place     Monster's of the Midway     B Team
                     with:  Justin Carr, Adam Sevada & Eric Barron

4th Place     Men's 501 Doubles
                     with:  Justin Carr

3rd Place     Mixed Cricket Doubles
                     with:  Jennifer Carpenter

9th/12th Place     Men's 501 Singles

3rd Place     Mixed 701 Triples

                     with:  Leslie Garner & Patrick Cook

13th/16th Place     Men's Cricket Doubles
                                with:  Justin Carr
Brittany Kline & Brenda Milburn
May  23 - 27  2013
Rosemont, IL
Justin Carr,  Lil Cobra,  Adam Sevada  &  Eric Barron
Lil Cobra  &  Justin Carr
Lil Cobra  &  Jennifer Carpenter
Patrick Cook,  Leslie Garner  &  Lil Cobra
Bob "Zeke" Sutton
25th/32nd     Mixed Cricket Doubles
                        with:  TJ Johnson
Bob "Zeke" Sutton  &  TJ Johnson